Author: Medical Center Radiologists

EVMS Research Day 2020

October 2020

Multiple members  of MCR recently mentored EVMS Radiology Residents in their presentations at EVMS Research Day this October.  Drs. Byun, Campbell, Dobzyniak, Johnson, Plemmons, Samoilov, Shaves, and Vingan supported research projects on topics including: benign mimics of bone metastases, utility of Afirma testing, unusual breast cancer mimic, rare case of melorheostosis, case of vascular collaterals simulating Budd-Chiari, use of ultrasound in torsed leiomyoma, case of intraosseous hibernoma, renal cryoablation, and stroke after neck trauma.

Dr. Kyle Spagnolo at The 3rd Mid-Atlantic Multiple Sclerosis Symposium

March 2020

Dr. Kyle Spagnolo, Assistant Professor of Radiology at EVMS and a neuroradiologist with MCR, was an invited lecturer at The 3rd Mid-Atlantic Multiple Sclerosis Symposium in Williamsburg on March 7th, a conference sponsored jointly by EVMS and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  His presentation, “Typical and Atypical MRI Findings in Multiple Sclerosis and MS Mimickers,” included discussion of imaging variability in multiple sclerosis and reviewed other diseases that can have similar imaging characteristics.

Dr. Kathy Byun and Dr. Tracie Rehfuss: Prostate Cancer Today: Living Well; Choosing Wisely


Dr. Kathy Byun and Dr. Tracie Rehfuss were invited speakers at Prostate Cancer International’s Event “Prostate Cancer Today: Living Well; Choosing Wisely” on November 2, 2019, in Virginia Beach.  In an imaging breakout session, they reviewed state-of-the-art techniques used for detecting recurrent prostate cancer and answered questions from referring clinician and patient attendees.