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Neurointerventional Radiology

  • Digital subtraction angiogram of the <br>internal carotid and cerebral arteries Digital subtraction angiogram of the internal carotid and cerebral arteries

Interventional Neuroradiology is a specialty that uses minimally invasive techniques principally to treat disorders of the circulation of the brain and spinal cord in children and adults. Cerebrovascular disorders evaluated by our team include brain aneurysm, brain/spine arteriovenous malformation, stroke, cerebrovascular stenosis, and vascular tumors.

Dr. John Agola and MCR have offered interventional Neuroradiology to the Hampton Roads region since 1994. Among some of our achievement since that time are:

  • We were first in the region to offer advanced endovascular treatments for brain aneurysm with introduction of GDC coil embolization in 1996.
  • First in the region to offer liquid embolic embolization for brain arteriovenous malformations.
  • Pioneered cerebrovascular angioplasty and stenting in Hampton Roads.
  • Established first in region advanced endovascular treatments for acute ischemic stroke.
  • Developed non-invasive a comprehensive cerebrovascular imaging service utilizing CT angiography and advanced 3-D angiography of the brain.

This program was developed in strong collaboration with referring services in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Vascular Surgery, and the Sentara Health Care System. Our treatment plans are carefully formulated after appropriate collaborative consultations and discussion. We are dedicated to offering state of the art therapeutic options for patients with cerebrovascular disease.

  • 3D volume rendered sialogram 3D volume rendered sialogram

Neuro Interventional Services


  • Diagnostic carotid and cerebral angiography
  • Spinal angiography

Vascular Intervention

  • Balloon angioplasty & stent placement
    • Brain arteries
    • Carotid arteries
  • Coiling brain aneurysms
  • Embolization treatment of AVM
  • Treatment of acute stroke
  • Thrombolysis of dural sinus thrombosis
  • 3D volume rendered sialogram-img Aneurysm after Pipeline flow diverter placement

Treatment of Tumors

  • Pre-surgical embolization of brain tumors
  • Vessel occlusion for resection of large neck tumors

Image-Guided Needle Biopsy

  • Minimally-invasive CT, Ultrasound and X-ray guided biopsies


  • Discography
  • Vertebroplasty for vertebral fractures
  • Sacroplasty

Hemangiomas and Vascular Birthmarks (At Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters)

  • Angiography
  • Embolization

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